Sub-Zero Temperature Dangers

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Sub-Zero Temperature Dangers

With winter in full effect and temperatures expected to drop below zero, many issues can arise which could result in a costly deductible coming out of your pocket, or worse, an uncovered claim. Below are a few resources we have gathered to help minimize your chances of disaster:


Frozen pipes

When water freezes, it expands and can damage your pipes. Water damage to your home can be very costly, many times exceeding thousands of dollars per claim. Take precaution by checking for exposed pipes in, around, and under your home. Turn of any outside faucets and open cabinets to allow warm air in. The Red Cross has several tips to keep your pipes from freezing as well.

Power Outages

Freezing temperatures, snow, and wind can also lead to power outages. Unlike a power outage in the summer, a winter power outage can cause additional concern to due to loss of heat. Although you home may keep warm for several hours, a prolonged power outage and sub-zero temperatures can be hazardous to the young, elderly, and sick. For winter power outages you will want to make sure you have flashlights, candles, matches/lighter, water, and blankets. If you expect an extended power outage, plan for a secondary heat source or location and be sure to turn off your main water supply and drain your pipes by opening the lowest faucet in the home. also has some excellent safety tips.

Winter Vehicle Safety

If you are forced to go out for supplies or to an alternate location in bad weather, you will want to make sure you are prepared for a slippery journey. There are some maintenance items you will want to take care of to make sure your car starts like checking the anti-freeze and making sure your gas tank is at least half full to prevent a fuel line freeze. You should also have an emergency kit ready just in case something goes wrong on the road. has a good check list of items you should examine on your vehicle and have in your vehicle.