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Individual Health Insurance

We can help you apply and choose plans with the Health Insurance Marketplace ( and Private Health Insurance companies!
Our health insurance enrollment specialists are here and dedicated to help you. With so many health insurance options available, it is important to find the health plan that is right for you, whether you are looking at the Health Insurance Marketplace or would like to check out Private Health Insurance companies, we can you understand your options and choose a plan that fits your individual or family needs.

We offer appointments in person, along with our customized Health Sherpa online platform for quoting options that will help you in determining several important pieces of information to help you in your health care options and decision for 2022-2023 coverage. We can help you determine if you are eligible for an Advanced Premium Tax Credit for your health insurance purchase. Then we will show you comparisons in both the subsidized Health Insurance Marketplace and Private Health Insurance Plans.

Take your coverage to the next level. We also offer dental, vision, and accident/critical illness plans.

Did you know? You may be eligible for an Advanced Premium Tax Credit (tax subsidy) to help pay for health insurance. Please visit our quoting site below to look at your Advanced Premium Tax Credit options (optional) and check out health insurance plans available. Please provide and your name, email, and phone number so we may follow up with you to offer further assistance if needed.

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Individual Health Insurance Open Enrollment: November 1st – December 15th for a January 1st effective date. No applications are allowed to be taken after December 15th.

Medicare Open Enrollment: October 15th – December 7th for a January 1st effective date. No applications are allowed to be taken after December 7th.


Once open enrollment ends, you may still be eligible to get health insurance if you have a qualifying life event. Special enrollment periods last 60 days after these events, and may include marriage, birth or adoption, divorce, or loss of job and employer sponsored coverage. You must provide proof of your qualifying event to enroll. Call/text us for more details and questions.

Helpful Terms

Coinsurance – The percentage of a medical bill you share with your insurance company after you’ve paid your deductible. For example, if you have a $100 doctor’s bill and your plan covers 80 percent, the coinsurance amount you owe to the doctor’s office is 20 percent, or $20.

Copay (or copayment) – The amount you pay a healthcare provider at the time you receive services. For instance, you may have to pay a copayment for each covered visit to your doctor. Not all plans require a copayment.

Deductible – The amount you pay before the health plan benefits are provided. Once the deductible is met, covered services will begin to be paid.

Maximum Out Of Pocket (MOOP) – The maximum dollar amount you would pay in a year including deductibles, copays and coinsurance. It does not include your monthly premium. Once the MOOP is met, covered services will pay at 100 percent.

Metal Level – The government defined four metal levels to describe the amount of coverage a plan offers – platinum, gold, silver and bronze. The levels can help people understand what their potential out-of-pocket costs may be.

Premium – The amount you pay each month for your health insurance plan.