Winter Fire Safety

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Winter Fire Safety

Winter fires account for approximately $2,091,000,000 in property losses according to FEMA. Holiday cooking, heaters, and holiday decorations account for most fires. Here are a few statics:



  • Winter Fires lead to 905 deaths each year
  • Cooking is the leading cause of all fires in the winter
  • 2 out of 3 fires occur in one or two family homes
  • 5pm to 8pm is the most common time for fires

The U.S. Fire administration has published a Winter Fires Safety Tips bulletin to help keep you safe this winter. Read it here.

Portable Heater Dangers

The second leading cause of damage and death are due to portable heaters. 900 estimated portable heater fires occur each year leading to 70 deaths, 150 injuries, and $53 million in property loss. These fires in homes peak in January and occur because they are located too close to items that can easily burn. The video below demonstrates how to properly use your portable heater.

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